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Dr. Todd Snyder
6 min readDec 17, 2020

Jump-Start Your Brain’s Natural Drive With “Certainty-Circuits”

Scissors cutting the word uncertainty

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish in life, one universal principle can help you succeed. I’m talking about the power of absolute certainty.

Moving from a state of uncertainty to a state of certainty is like magic. And whether you’ve recognized it or not, I’m sure you’ve felt it before.

Here’s what it feels like…

You’re at the beach, standing at the edge of the surf, dipping your toe to see how cold the ocean feels. You came here to swim, get some exercise, and let your kids play around in the ocean.

But now you feel sleepy, not much like exercising. And the ocean feels colder than you expected. Then something catches your eye.

It’s a flash of color floating 30 yards out in the waves. You realize it’s the back of your son’s swimsuit. He’s face down, bobbing aimlessly in the waves. He appears to be unconscious.

Your decisions become instant. Your body moves without hesitation.

No obstacle can hold you back. The adrenaline of certainty pulses through your veins. There is only one thing to do. You act.

A moment later, you emerge with your son in your arms. He coughs and regains consciousness.

How cold does the water feel now? You have no idea, and you could care less.

Certainty moves us from contemplation to action. It has the power to unleash sudden torrents of energy toward a goal regardless of what obstacles may loom in our path.

In the world of entrepreneurship, certainty is doubly important for productivity. It clears away ambiguity, procrastination, and days spent working without much to show for it.

For business leaders, there will always be unknowns. But good state management requires clarity about what is in your control so you have absolute certainty about what to do next.

Certainty is about more than just a clear goal to direct your action. It’s also about energy. And that’s because certainty dispels all doubt that holds you in a state of limbo.

Dr. Todd Snyder

Dr. Snyder is a Psychologist and Productivity Coach working with entrepreneurs to accelerate results that matter. Learn more at ToddSnyderCoaching.com